August 2017
Upcoming Meetings (Last updated: 08 August 2017)
17-20 Aug 2017Overseas conference18th Singapore Society of Rheumatology -Malaysian Society of Rheumatology Workshop in Rheumatology 2017 
27 Aug 2017Local meetingUpdate from TUI with hand-on practice & discussion  
31 Aug-2 Sep, 2017Overseas conference The 5th WORLD CONGRESS on Controversies, Debates & Consensus in BMJD 
1 Sep 2017Local meetingEarly Diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis 
5 Sep 2017Local meetingRole of biomarkers: ultrasonography and autoantibody development in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis  
6-8 Sep 2017Overseas conference Course on Sonoguided Interventions and Procedures in Musculoskeletal Diseases 
6-8 Sep 2017Overseas conferenceThe II PANLAR Review Course in Rheumatology “Biosimilars Update”  
12 Sep 2017Local meetingInterhospital Rheumatology Meeting 
24 Sep 2017Local meetingPrimary Care Education Program on Rheumatic Diseases  
10 Oct 2017Local meetingInterhospital Rheumatology Meeting 
16-20 Oct 2017Overseas conferenceAPLAR Congress 2017 
21-23 Oct 2017Overseas conference7th Abu Dhabi Advanced Rheumatology Review Course 
3-8 Nov 2017Overseas conference ACR Annual Meeting 2017 
14 Nov 2017Local meetingAnnual General Meeting 2017 
14 Nov 2017Local meetingInterhospital Rheumatology Meeting 
16-18 Nov 2017Local meetingIntermediate Level Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Course (MSUS) 
18-19 Nov 2017Local meetingInternational Conference of Chinese Rheumatologies (ICCR)  
12 Dec 2017Local meetingInterhospital Rheumatology Meeting 
9 Jan 2018Local meetingInterhospital Rheumatology Meeting 
13 Feb 2018Local meetingInterhospital Rheumatology Meeting 
7-10 Apr 2018Overseas conferenceThe 20th PANLAR Congress 
16-20 May 2018Overseas conference11th International Congress on Autoimmunity  

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